When you want to add more security to your property, upgrading from a basic gate to one with access control is a smart solution. The concept of access control is exactly what it sounds like a method for securing and controlling who has access to a site or area. Gate operators in Tulsa, Oklahoma offer privacy, convenience, security, and the flexibility to regulate entry to your property. We’re sharing some basic information about Tulsa automated gates so you can determine whether the benefits are perfect for you. 

Understanding The Main Components of Automatic Gate Systems

The Gate Component

The gate you need will differ based on whether you are looking for commercial or residential property. An operator can control numerous types of gates. When installing a new gate, it’s simple to find an operator that meets your demands, but you may also add a gate operator in Tulsa, Oklahoma, to an existing gate. However, this depends on the setup and current condition of your gate and fence.

Adding an Automatic Gate Operator

An automatic gate operator is a very specific piece of equipment that controls the movement of the gate through a switchboard and controls, allowing your gate to open and close automatically. Gate operators can be either electrically or solar-powered. Wired units come in a variety of sizes and types, and some are also wireless.

Exploring Automatic Gate Types for Residential and Commercial Properties

Swing Gates

Swing gates are automatic gates that function just as the name suggests. This hinged gate opens and closes similarly to a standard door. They can frequently open and close faster than conventional choices, such as slide gates. Swing gates are offered in one- or two-leaf designs. They can swing either out or in, depending on personal preference and property layout.

Slide Gates

One of the most frequent types of Tulsa automated gates is the slide gate, which works exactly as it sounds: it slides horizontally back and forth in a straight line to allow entry. These gates are often considered more secure than swing gates. Slide gates require additional side space to accommodate the gate in the “open” position. This type of gate has a metal track and rollers at the bottom to guide it across the gap.

Barrier Gates

Commercial barrier gate operators are appropriate for heavy-traffic areas. They offer a method for managing vehicle traffic safely and effectively. This type of gate commonly appears in parking lots and other areas where only vehicles, not pedestrians, can access them. The barrier is a vertical arm that rotates into and out of the opening. It provides little to no security beyond limiting the number of vehicles that can enter a property.

Heavy Duty Gate Operators

Our Heavy-Duty Gate Operators with Variable Speed Control tackle the difficulty of moving even the heaviest gates. Both slide gate and swing gate operators ensure the security and protection of warehouses, commercial spaces, distribution facilities, and gated communities.

Reliable Access Control Solutions for Tulsa, OK Properties

In Tulsa, Oklahoma, gate operators can utilize an access control system linked to the gates to enhance security and convenience. Gate access control systems operate similarly to other access control systems, with an electrically locked gate linked to the access control server. When the correct credential is presented, an electronic signal will be sent to the gate lock, allowing it to open for an authorized vehicle to enter.


There are several different types of Access Control Systems to choose from. Some of the most common are listed below:

Keypad Access System

This is perhaps the most straightforward and most widely used approach for gate access control. To get admission to the premises, the visitor must enter a PIN. After verifying the PIN, the visitor can enter the premises.

RFID and Card Readers

RFID stands for “radio-frequency identification.” Most RFID access control systems rely on keycards or fobs to acquire property access. A user can scan their fob at the gate, and the system will check to determine if it is registered. If it is, the system authorizes access and unlocks the gate.

Telephone Entry System

A telephone entry system is a form of access control that allows visitors to request entry. Telephone entry systems, like gate intercom systems, allow you or your tenants to remotely open the door for guests.

Ensuring Quality and Safety: Gate Operators for Tulsa, OK Properties

When installing an automatic gate system on your property, it is critical to follow the correct safety protocols and ensure that the installation company adheres to best practices. Underwriters Laboratories (UL) developed a safety protocol program known as Standard 325, which every gate operator installer in Tulsa, Oklahoma, should strictly adhere to. The techniques and guidelines they provide contribute to ensuring that every gate has warning signage, necessary sensors, screening procedures, and other equipment that creates a safe environment for the use of automatic gates from any manufacturer in the country.


We prioritize quality and customer satisfaction in every aspect of our service. That’s why we proudly offer a 1-year workmanship warranty on all our gates. Additionally, depending on the material, some Tulsa automated gates may also come with a manufacturer’s warranty. Our team of experienced fence professionals is always available to provide more details on the specific warranty coverage for your fence.

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