Installing a fence brings several perks, and there’s one you might not expect. Besides privacy, safety, and looks, having a fence can boost your home’s value. In Tulsa, Oklahoma, a residential fence is a great selling feature. Even if you’re not thinking of selling, getting a fence from a trusted Oklahoma fence company like Allied Fence is a smart investment. You’ll enjoy the benefits now and reap the rewards later!

Ways a Fence Can Add Value to Your Tulsa, OK Property

A fence can help sell your home faster by adding to its appeal. Buyers have many reasons for choosing a house, and a nice, well-kept fence can be one of them! As a reliable Tulsa, Oklahoma fence company, we’ll explain why adding a fence can increase your property’s value.

Enhancing Curb Appeal with Your Fence

A nice fence can make your home look much better from the street. Whether it’s a classic aluminum fence or a charming wood style, fences add a special charm. They’re not just attractive; they make your home more welcoming. Improving your home’s curb appeal by adding a fence will make a better first impression on guests and potential buyers.

A Fence Can Add Protection for Kids and Pets

Buyers with young children and pets might hesitate to purchase a home lacking a fence, and they’re usually ready to pay extra for homes already fenced. Safety is a big concern for families with kids or plans for them. A well-kept fence in your backyard offers the security many seek. Especially in busy areas, a fence is even more crucial. Partnering with a dependable Oklahoma fence company guarantees a properly installed fence for reliable protection.

Privacy Fencing in Tulsa, OK

Having a fence around your Tulsa, Oklahoma home can give you much-desired privacy. A potential buyer would probably like a fence around the backyard, especially if the neighbors are close by. A quality fence can also make it harder for strangers to get to your front door, adding to your home’s security.

Pool Fences in Tulsa, OK

Even if your house doesn’t have a pool now, having a fence ready in case someone wants to add a pool later can be really helpful. In Tulsa, OK, any outdoor pool—whether the pool is in the ground or above it— has to have a fence and gate that meets specific legal requirements. This fence is important for safety, especially for kids and pets who aren’t strong swimmers. Make sure to look up your town’s rules or ask the fence experts in Tulsa, Oklahoma for advice.

Popular Types of Tulsa Residential Fencing

The right fence can elevate the attractiveness and functionality of your home, ultimately leading to a higher perceived value in the real estate market. There are lots of styles to choose from to suit your needs and budget. If you get your fence installed by a trusted company using quality materials and you look after it well, it could raise your home’s value when you sell. At Allied Fence, you can count on our fencing pros to help you pick the right option for you!

Wood Fencing Options for Tulsa, Oklahoma 

If you want something that looks great without breaking the bank, our wood residential fencing is perfect for your place. Wood fences fit right in with Tulsa, OK’s weather and give your property a timeless, natural look that matches any home style in Oklahoma. Plus, wood is versatile and often cheaper than other materials.


Residential wood fences can be customized in height, design, and color in ways that most other fencing materials cannot. Wood fencing options are known to add natural charm to yards across the Tulsa, OK area.

Chain Link Fencing in Tulsa, OK

In Tulsa, OK, choosing a chain link fence for your home offers both convenience and toughness at a lower price compared to other materials. You have various ways to enhance the appearance and durability of your fence. With options like PVC or Polymer coating, your chain link fence can endure for over 20 years. It’s a budget-friendly option that’s ideal for keeping kids and pets safe in your backyard.  

Aluminum Fencing in Tulsa, OK

Aluminum residential fencing offers a classy look and needs little maintenance, making it a timeless choice for a strong boundary. While it won’t give you much privacy, it adds beauty and protection to your home, adding value. Many Tulsa, OK homeowners prefer aluminum fencing because it’s durable and lasts long with minimal upkeep, despite the higher initial cost.

Ornamental Iron Fencing in Tulsa, OK

Ornamental iron fencing combines functionality with timeless elegance, offering both security and aesthetic appeal to any property. Crafted from durable materials, these fences stand as enduring symbols of sophistication and prestige. With intricate designs ranging from classic fleur-de-lis to a modern flat-top design, ornamental iron fencing adds a touch of architectural beauty to any Tulsa property. Its durable construction provides protection and a sense of openness without compromising security. Whether encircling a grand estate or a small garden, ornamental iron fencing will enhance the beauty of your Tulsa, OK property. 

FenceTrac in Tulsa, OK 

FenceTrac is a modern fencing system that offers both durability and versatility. Its innovative design features steel posts and rails, providing a strong foundation for many infill materials such as wood, vinyl, composite, and more! With FenceTrac, you can easily create a unique and modern fence that matches your style preferences and complements your property’s aesthetic. Additionally, its durable construction ensures that it will last for years to come, making it an ideal choice for homeowners in the Tulsa area. Check out our FenceTrac page for more information. 

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