If you are a property owner in Tulsa, Oklahoma, and you need a fence installed, you are in luck! Allied Fence is one of Northeastern Oklahoma’s top-rated fence companies. We’re a local fence company that has earned our outstanding reputation one fence at a time with your friends and neighbors.


Let’s take a closer look at why Allied Fence can be the right choice for your next fencing project in Tulsa, OK.

Tulsa, Oklahoma Fence Company: Choosing Local

Of course, you want to support local businesses whenever you can – we get it because we do, too! Besides the ways it boosts our local economy, there are also added benefits for yourself when you choose to work with a local Tulsa, Oklahoma company that recognizes the pride and interests of residents and business owners in our own community.


All of us at Allied Fence are invested in Tulsa and the surrounding areas, understanding the needs and unique aspects of our neighborhoods that make us who we are. Because we are ideally situated right in the Tulsa region and have built our trusted service in the area for over 70 years, we are the perfect company to help you with your property’s fencing needs right here.

Finding A Top-Rated Fence Company in the Tulsa Area

It goes without saying that you want to work with a top-rated Oklahoma fence contractor in your region. After all, you deserve the best-quality fence you can afford and you want it installed by experts in the fencing industry.  


What makes a company top-rated? Here are a few important factors that describe the best fence companies around:

  • Reliability from an Oklahoma Fencing Contractor

    Too often, we hear from Tulsa property owners who chose low-bid fence companies only to discover why their costs were so low: either the contractor’s installation job was poor, the materials were of terrible quality, or, in the worst situations, the contractor disappeared after taking their payment. Always make sure the first step in hiring a fence company is to pick one that is trustworthy and skilled by checking out customer reviews, talking to your friends and neighbors who know, and speaking directly with the company you’re considering.

  • Using Quality Fencing Materials

    Even if you have a skilled fence company installing your project, it’s important to know that they are using high-quality materials for your fence. At Allied Fence, across the region, we take pride in our work and that includes using the best materials for the job. When your fence is completed, you’ll see the difference! Our fences won’t bend, twist, bow, droop or have any other issues that a poorly made fence will have.

  • Support from Company Experts

    You should be able to call your fence contractor for service in the future if the need arises. That’s why we give a workmanship warranty on every installation we do. Our warranty covers defects in workmanship within the Scope of Work performed by Allied Fence within one year of the completion of the project.  Some materials, such as vinyl, aluminum, and ornamental iron fencing, are covered by manufacturer warranties. In the unlikely event that that something needs to be fixed, we will be there to make it right!  Simply contact the fence professional who assisted you with your installation, and we will be pleased to help you in whatever way we can.


We can safely say that the professionals at Allied Fence fit the bill! For the best outcome and product, we will help you find the highest quality fence for the most affordable price and have it installed by our expert fencing team. 

We Install All Types of Fences in Tulsa, Oklahoma 

We install all types of fences in the Tulsa, Oklahoma area. Whether you are looking for residential fencing or commercial fencing, we handle it all! Each material has its own advantages and disadvantages, so check out what we offer and compare it to your needs and preferences to decide which type works best for you!

Wood Fences Options

Wood fences are a popular choice of fencing material in Tulsa, OK  with its versatility and natural appearance. Check out our wood fence page on our website for full details about why wood fencing may be a great choice for your next fence.

Chain Link Fences For Business and Home

Chain link has come a long way!  With the addition of vinyl-coated chain link in multiple colors and decorative privacy slats you can add, chain link fences can work in just about any situation! Visit our chain link page to explore why chain link fencing is very popular for Tulsa homeowners and business owners.

Aluminum Fences

Aluminum fences are the fence of choice for property owners who want the sleek, modern look of our aluminum fencing made with its stong, lightweight material. Read our aluminum fence page for more information about the benefits of aluminum fencing for Oklahoma property owners.

FenceTrac Fences

The Fenctrac system is a versatile framing option that allows you to choose from several styles and materials. Its strength, durability, and low-maintenance features make FenceTrac another great choice for Tulsa homeowners.

Ornamental Fences

For an elegant and strong border to your property, ornamental iron fencing is a great option! Our ornamental iron fences are made of extremely durable material that is perfect for the Oklahoma region. It is lightweight, but exceptionally strong and can hold up to the most rigorous elements.

DIY Material Sales

Allied Fence of Tulsa will provide you with all of the materials you need to accomplish simple fence repairs or install a fence yourself. We carry a large number of items in stock and can order any specialty materials you may need.  Our workers provide prompt, friendly service to ensure that you are in and out as quickly as possible. Learn more by visiting our DIY Materials page on our website.

Ready to Work With the Best Tulsa, Oklahoma Fence Contractor?

The fence experts at Allied Fence would love to have the opportunity to show you first-hand why we are one of Tulsa, Oklahoma’s highest-rated fence companies. Call us at (918) 627- 6033 or contact us online. When it comes to securing your property, you can rely on Allied Fence of Tulsa, the sign of quality since 1952!