There are many things to consider when choosing a new fence for your home or business. Taking the time to compare materials, styles, and costs can take time and effort, but it’s important to be sure of all of your options when making such a large investment in your property. Allied Fence has many years of experience, and as a highly-rated Tulsa fence company, we are here to assist you as you consider your fence options. Our Instant Fence Estimator is a useful tool that can help you compare fence materials and prices so that you find the right fit for your budget and style. 

Our Instant Fence Estimator is Simple to Use!

We have worked hard over the last seventy years and have established ourselves as a trustworthy Tulsa Fence Company. One way we have done this is by providing our customers with accurate fence quotes and excellent service. By simply entering some basic information into our convenient online quote estimator tool, you can receive an instant quote for your new fence project 


Our intuitive, easy-to-use quote tool uses Google Maps to find your property and then lay an outline over the top of the aerial image provided. The tool allows you to draw boundary lines around the area you wish to fence, adjust them as needed, and even add gates if you want to. You can easily change the material and color of the fence, which allows you to compare the price differences between the materials that we offer.  

We Offer a Number of Fencing Options

One of the best parts of using our Instant Fence Estimator is that you are able to choose the material, style, height, and color of your fence and compare the prices of different options. You may want a full-privacy wood fence, but out of interest want to see how an elegant aluminum fence compares. Easily switch between materials and compare prices so that you can find the best Tulsa residential fence for your budget and design ideas. 


The purpose of your fence will determine which fence is the best for your home or business. To help you decide which fence is best for your next project, here are the fence types we install: 

Wood Fence

Wood fences are an attractive way to upgrade your space. They are natural, eco-friendly, and look great in almost any setting. Wood fence comes in a variety of styles, designs, and heights and can be stained or painted in a wide range of colors. Stockade, shadowbox, traditional picket, and split rail are some of the wood fence style options we have. There are a number of ways to finish your fence with a custom top, which comes in a variety of styles. In order to keep your wood fence looking great, it is necessary to repaint or restain your fence every few years. For further information, visit the wood fences page on our website. 

Ornamental Iron

Our ornamental iron fences are elegant, strong, and maintenance-free. Once you see their attractive, sleek profile, you’ll understand why our ornamental fences are so well-loved by our clients. Our ornamental iron fences are extremely strong due to the way that they are manufactured, but they are also lightweight, resistant to rust and decay, and able to be installed in uneven terrain. Ornamental iron stands up under the sometimes harsh Oklahoma elements and, because of its black powder coating, needs little to no maintenance. They are very durable and a great option for property owners who are looking for a fence that is strong and secure but also provides good curb appeal. When you need an attractive fence that stands the test of time, ornamental iron is an excellent choice. 


FenceTrac is a secure and durable, patented fence system that will provide multiple infill options, such as red cedar, corrugated metal, bamboo, welded wire, composite, vinyl, PVC, metal screen, and wood rails. Whatever look you’re dreaming of for your new Tulsa residential fence, FenceTrac will likely have a design you will love.  You can also choose from a vertical or horizontal orientation to create the exact look you want. The FenceTrac system is available in black, bronze, and white powder-coated finishes

Chain Link Fence

Chain link fences are a great choice for residential fence projects in Tulsa and the surrounding areas. Since chain link fences are made from long-lasting galvanized steel,  they are also great for commercial applications such as farms and business properties that need extra security. One of the benefits of chain link fencing is that it can be customized by adding black or green PVC coating, polymer coating, or privacy slats. PVC and polymer coating add an extra layer of protection that helps to prevent rust and corrosion. View our chain link fences pages to see what we have to offer. 

Aluminum Fence

An aluminum fence installed by an experienced fencing contractor in Tulsa will add beauty to your property without compromising security. Lightweight yet extremely strong, our horizontal panel aluminum fencing is great for those who need a low-maintenance fence with high-quality curb appeal. For inspiration and ideas, visit our aluminum fences page on our website. 

We’ll Take Care of all the Details

If you need any help or have questions while using our Instant Fence Estimator, contact us. We will be happy to help you! Once you have completed your Tulsa residential fence design, we will email you a summary page that includes your estimate and contact information for the experts at Allied Fence. The next step is to schedule a consultation so that we can thoroughly assess your property and answer any questions you may have. Once we have talked through all of the details of your new project we will provide you with an exact quote. 


If you’re curious to learn more about the developers behind the best fence estimating software on the market, visit the mySalesman website. They have been providing solutions for fence companies nationwide since 2012. The creative team behind this innovative and useful tool is actually in the fence industry too! 

Ready to Work Install Your Tulsa Residential Fence?

The friendly staff at Allied Fence look forward to hearing from you and are eager to help create a fence that you are completely satisfied with. Call us at (918) 627-6033 or contact us online for more information. Come see what makes Allied Fence a top-rated Tulsa Fence Company!