When it comes time to build a new fence, there are some factors that you should consider before getting started. The impact that a new fence might have on your neighbors is an important one. By following the rules of appropriate fence etiquette, you can make sure that the experience is enjoyable for both of you and help to prevent future issues or conflicts. Learn how Allied Fence, a fence installer in Oklahoma, can assist you with every step of your new home fence project while keeping your neighbors satisfied! Continue reading to discover some suggestions that will assist you in observing proper fence etiquette.

Neighborly Communication: The Foundation of Proper Fence Etiquette

Most importantly, remember to stay in constant communication with your neighbors when it comes to appropriate fence etiquette! It’s essential to think about how modifications to your property can affect your neighbors if you live in a neighborhood. Talking about your plans with individuals who will be impacted is respectful, even though you don’t have to let them know. By doing this, you will stay away from any future surprises or conflicts. You may discover that your neighbor might be interested in splitting the project’s expenses!

Respect Property Boundaries

Ensuring that your new fence is built within your property boundaries is an essential part of proper fence etiquette. You owe it to yourself and your neighbors to double-check, even if you are confident about the perimeter of your property. You can contact the county recorder’s or assessor’s office in your area if you are unsure about the boundaries of your property. You may find the border of your property by using the online maps that most counties now provide. An additional step to consider is hiring a licensed land surveyor to mark the boundaries of your property before the installation of your Oklahoma residential fence. 

Understanding Regulations

A key piece of advice on proper fence etiquette is to learn the zoning laws and neighborhood standards. It’s likely that your homeowners association (HOA) has rules regarding fences, so make sure to read the fine print. It’s possible that the homeowner’s association has limits on which color, fence material, and height of the fence you can install on your property. 


Even if you don’t reside in a community governed by a homeowners association, building your new fence may still be impacted by some local zoning restrictions. This is especially true if your home is situated on a corner property because a tall fence in the front yard might block the view of oncoming traffic. While your fence contractor may be knowledgeable about local laws, it is not their responsibility to ensure your new fence meets every HOA regulation or municipal policy.

The Importance of Fencing Maintenance

Fencing maintenance is another crucial aspect of proper fencing practices. Just like any other element of your house, an Oklahoma residential fence needs to be maintained on a regular basis to stay secure and in good condition. Different materials need different amounts of care. Certain materials, like wood, require more frequent maintenance, including resealing. In contrast, vinyl or metal fences require far less. 


Remember that you own the fence, which means you are in charge of keeping both sides clean and maintained. It is your responsibility to get your fence repaired or replaced if it ages or begins to shift. An experienced fence installer in Oklahoma, such as Allied Fence, can guide you on how to maintain your fence. 

Consider a Good Neighbor Fence

The last fence etiquette tip we’ll discuss is the position or placement of your fence. Depending on the type of fence you plan to build, one side may appear more appealing than the other. It’s common practice to face the finished side of the fence, also known as the “good” side, toward the street and your neighbor’s yard.  However, you might consider installing a neighbor-friendly fence that has an identical look on both sides, like an aluminum or vinyl fence.  Allow the experts at Allied Fence, a top-rated fence installer in Oklahoma, to show you our wide selection of fencing options, which all look fantastic from both sides. 

Allied Fence’s Diverse Range of Residential Fencing Solutions

Allied Fence provides a range of residential fence alternatives for you to consider when choosing which fence styles will best fit your needs and those of your family. These options include wood, chain link, FenceTrac fences, ornamental iron, and aluminum fencing. You can get a quick idea of how much your fence will cost by using our convenient online Instant Fence Tool, too!


Allied Fence improves the protection and beauty of your property by providing a selection of gates that can match perfectly with your beautiful Oklahoma residential fence. Allied Fence also offers custom fences, so you can customize your fencing to meet your specific needs and preferences. Our residential gates can be easily combined with our custom fences to provide a seamless look.

Start Building Your Fence with a Trustworthy Fence Installer in Oklahoma

Allied Fence, a trusted Oklahoma fence company, is at your service for all your fencing needs. We’re committed to ensuring an amazing experience for your Oklahoma residential fence project. We are available to answer any questions and help you design your fence, so give us a call at (918) 627-6033 or contact us online for prompt and friendly assistance!